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The school is able to assist with necessary medication for your child. In such cases parents must complete a consent document held at the school office and hand the medicine (in the original container with the label) directly to a member of staff. Medicine will then be kept in the medical cupboard, refrigerator or in the case of asthma inhalers these will be stored in the classroom. Please do not put any kind of medication in your child's book bag. 

* Medicine that is prescribed to be taken 3 times a day, should be administered by parents outside of school hours.

* The administration of prescribed eye drops and ear drops is considered to be invasive, please check at reception to ensure that someone is available to do this for your child.

* Unprescribed medication should not be brought into school. This includes throat lozenges and eye drops. 

There should be no need for you to come into school to administer medicine for your child, but if you would like to come in, please let the teacher know and we will arrange for your child to meet you in the medical area.

If your child needs an epipen we ask that you provide two, one will stay in first aid area and one will stay with the child in class.

Our policy 'Supporting chidren with medical needs', found on the policy page, gives more information about how we manage medical issues in school.  Please pop into the school office or email admin@ehps.hants.sch.uk to inform of any changes to your child's medical needs.

Medicines we keep in school

As well as storing your child's prescribed medicines, we do keep an emergency supply of liquid paracetamol and anthisan and we will ask for your written consent to administer either of these only if this will allieviate any pain for your child until the end of the school day.  More details are included in the consent letter which was included in your welcome pack.