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School Council

School Council

At Elvetham Heath Primary School, our school council is an opportunity for the children to have a voice, share their opinions and make a difference.

We hold school council elections twice a year, allowing 12 children per year group throughout the year to represent their cohort. Through assemblies and class discussions, the children are taught about the British Value of democracy. Children choose to stand as a school council candidate and present the reasons why they feel people should vote for them to their class. A polling card is created and children then vote for the two people. Children are reminded of the qualities to look for and the responsibilities that school councillors should undertake. The children always take the voting process very seriously, demonstrating our school’s key virtues well.

The current school councillors are:   



               Year 1


Freya / Teddy


Freya / Beth


Sophie / Teddy

              Year 2


Oliver / Melissa


Violet / Zeke


Grace / Alfie

              Year 3


Josh / Seb


Jeson / Taylor-Rae


Henry / Max

              Year 4


Bethan / Hayden


Ben / Michael 


Joshua / Sarvesh

              Year 5


William / Genni


Aydin / Lucy


Raheel / Will

              Year 6


Violet / Charlie


Alice / Harry


Raghad / Ethan 


Our Projects

Please find below monthly updates about our school council projects.



During Class Council meetings we suggested activities and things that we could do to raise money for the Friends of the Earth and the RSPCA. We brought these ideas back to our School Council meeting and selling items at a stall was the most popular. We will now be planning an event over the next few weeks.



We introduced ourselves and shared what we would need to do to be a school councillor. The School Council looked at the charity focus for the year and we voted for our environmental charity to be Friends of the Earth and our animal charity to be the RSPCA.

We explored ways that we can raise money for our two charities.


February and March

We celebrated everything that we have achieved over our time as councillors. We thought about the virtues that we have demonstrated and how this has helped us to become positive representatives. In Class Council we talked about our role as a School Councillor and we voted our new councillors.

December and January

Please find below a message from two of our school councilors: 

In school council we have been thinking about how we can help our community. After our visit from PCSO Sam, we made posters. The posters are to make people aware of the role of the PCSO within the community and to remind people to respect what we have in Fleet. On these informational posters, there is a reminder of the phone number (101) which people can call to report a crime that is not an emergency. There is also a website where a member of the community can report a crime.

By Hannah and Annabel

PCSO Posters

November - A visit from our local PCSO

Our local PCSO, Sam Page, came into talk to the school council about her role within the community. The children also had the opportunity to share their likes and dislikes about the area that they live in. We will be thinking about ways that we can support the community in our future meetings.

Here is a write up of the visit from the deputy head girl, Evie Briggs:

I found the last school council meeting full of very interesting things. We discussed some of the issues that the police force can support the community with and stop from happening. For example, teenagers leaving litter in the park or vandalism to property. But it was noted that there is only a handful of teenagers that do this which sometimes gives a bad reputation to the whole teenage community. It was a very interesting visit and I had a lot of fun talking about this subject.


October - Our chosen charities

Our first school council project has been to research national and international charities.

We have reviewed all of the class votes and we are pleased to announce that this year, the school council will be focusing on raising money and promoting environmental and animal charities. Let our school councillors know if you have any fundraising ideas! We will keep you updated on our work.


September - Taking on our new roles!

We were very excited to receive our school council badges.

What it means to be a school councillor at Elvetham Heath

Click here to see our school council responsibilites