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Elvetham Primary



We have a range of teaching and support staff that work with the children in many different ways throughout the school day. As a primary school we have three different groups of pupils, Foundation Stage and Key Stage One catering for children from age 4 to age 7, and Key Stage Two which includes children from age 7 to age 11.

"The teachers show great empathy and compassion towards the children, genuinely caring for their well-being."                     Parent Survey 2018-2019

Here is a full list of staff working in school:

Mrs Megan Robinson
Deputy Headteacher
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Heather Chapman
Teachers Teaching Support Office Staff
Mrs Jo Atkinson Mrs Tania Armes Mrs Sue McArdle
Miss Louise Ayre Mrs Swati Baijal Mrs Lisa Drew
Miss Annemaire Attrill Mrs Nabila Berrachedi Mrs Michele Graves
Miss Rebecca Barbey Mrs Claire Boxall Mrs Leeanne Haury
Mr Adam Barrett Mrs Sian Carter Mrs Jessica Lewis
Mrs Jess Blake (maternity leave) Mrs Talla Carter Miss Sarah Ludlam
Mrs Becky Broom Mrs Chin Cho Mrs Tracey Wood
Mrs Penny Bryant-Jones Mrs Clare Colwell
Mrs Rebecca Burge Mrs Claire Davies
Mrs Kirsty Carver Mrs Emma Francis
Mrs Nic Clappison Mrs Julia French Site Manager
Mrs Naomi Cooke Mrs Helen Gammer Mr Andrew Wilson
Mrs Ruth Courtney Mrs Anna Gouveia
Mr Mark Dinnin Mrs Natalie Harvey Site Assistant
Miss Amelia Evans Ms Bonny Hedgecock Mrs Sandra Plunkett
Mrs Caroline Hardy Mrs Carmen Heinemann
Mrs Elizabeth Hoad Mrs Helen Hornsby Library Manager
Mrs Carole Hunt Mrs Susie Housley Mrs Kay Couldrey
Miss Megan James Mrs Charley Howard
Miss Abbie Jefford Mrs Marcia James
Mrs Natalie Jones Mrs Brioney Kendall
Mr Steve Mannion Mrs Vicki Kirkwood Lunchtime Staff
Mrs Laura Martin Mrs Niki Lall Mrs Karin Prinsloo - lead
Mrs Karen Rapley Mrs Amber Louw Miss Yasmin Bennett
Mrs Emma Sargent Mrs Kathryn Matthews Miss Caroleen Fenton
Mrs Claire Trundle Mrs Beatrice McNicholas Mrs Lucy Gallagher
Miss Jess Hand Mrs Kirsty Morley Mrs Freya Gallant
Miss Charlotte Robbins Mrs Nicola Page Mrs Leeanne Haury
Mrs Sylvia Pascoe Mrs Maura Hawkes
Mrs Karin Prinsloo Mrs Bhanu Jani
Mrs Justine Ronald Mrs Akriti Johri
Teacher of French Mrs Claire Rutherford  Mrs Maria Mackie
Mrs Sophie Raby

Mrs Vanesa Sabater 

(maternity leave)

Mrs Lorraine Mason
Mrs Dewi Samson Ms Martha Mhlanga
SENDCos Mrs Jackie Thompson Mrs Anita Norsworthy
Mrs África Pearce

 Mrs Sheryl Hall

Mr Felix O'Hanlon
Mrs Rachel Killick Mrs Emily Watson Mrs Rita O'Hanlon
Mrs Gemma Whiteford Miss Kerrie Presland
ELSA Mrs Vanessa Williams Mrs Louise Purves 
Mrs Katie Spence Mrs Pauline Willoughby Mrs Chadrika Rajeskanna
Mrs Rachel Windeatt Miss Sophie Stenner
Mrs Tracey Wood Miss Abbie Todd
Ms Kandy Wright Mrs Johana Whitehouse
Mrs Heidi Yiu
Ms Laurie Hudson