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Elvetham Primary

Statutory Governor Information

 Current Governors (last updated September 4th 2023)
Full Name

Category of Governor

End of Term of Office

(4 years)

Appointed by

Business interests

Committee Responsibility/

Panel Membership

Other Governorship


(last academic year)

Rachel Colman (Chair) Local Authority 15.1.2026 Governing Body None

HT's PM Panel

Appeals, GDC, SEND

None 6/12
Rachael Davis Parent  3.3.2026 Parents Writes & publish children's books with a range of leading publishing houses

Pay committee

Appeals, GDC

Diversity Governor

Wellbeing Governor

None 9/12
Megan James Staff 8.11.2025 Staff of EHPS Teacher at EHPS -- None 8/12
Andrew Kiln Co-opted 21.3.2026 Governing Body None

Appeals, GDC,

Finance Governor

None 8/12
Pete Marston Co-opted 14.7.2025 Governing Body None

HT's PM Panel

Appeals, GDC

EAL Governor

None 8/12
Linda Montgomery Co-opted 25.6.2023 Governing Body None

Pay Committee

Appeals, GDC

Monitoring Governor

 Rowhill School 10/12
Karen Niblett Co-opted 12.1.2024 Governing Body None

Appeals, GDC

Finance Governor

None 10/12

Steve Polly

(Vice Chair)

Co-opted 26.3.2023 Governing Body None

Appeals, GDC

Finance Governor

H&S Governor

None 11/12
Megan Robinson Headteacher From 26.3.2015 Ex officio Headteacher of EHPS - Jan 2014 -- None 10/12
Elizabeth Sykes Parent 25.4.2025 Parents None

Pay Committee

Appeals, GDC

None 11/12
Anna Freshwater Co-opted 12.10.2026 Governing Body None


None 6/9
Rachel Du Toit Co=opted 12.10.2026 Governing Body None


None 8/9

Governors who have served in the previous 12 months (last updated 4th September 2023)

Full Name Category of Governor  Date Stood Down

Business Interests

Other Governorship

Attendance (last academic year)


Lara Rowlinson Co-opted 21/7/2023 None None 6/12
Francesca Slater Co-opted 21/7/2023 None None 5/12