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Elvetham Primary

Y4 Ufton Court Monday-Wednesday

Y4 Ufton Court 2020

Hunter class and Strong girls have had a great first day at Ufton Court. So far we have learnt some Saxon Skills, been on a rune trail, recreated a Viking funeral and explored the site. Below are a selection of photos from our day so far. There may not be a photo of every child on here today, we will do our best to ensure everybody is captured at some point during the trip. 

The children are now in bed ready for an exciting day tomorrow! 


Monday Ufton Photos

 Day 2 - 

We've had such a great second day! We started our day with a rotation of archery, torc-making, and crime and punishment. This was great fun and we really had to persevere when taking part in archery and torc making. It was lovely to see children using their teamwork virtue when making their torcs. 

We then finished the day with an Anglo-Saxon feast. We put on our best Saxon costumes and ate exactly how the Anglo-Saxons would have done (with our fingers!). The children were excellent at keeping the Thanes amused with their excellent riddles, jokes, and dances! We then finished our evening with some dancing round eggs - an activity the Anglo-Saxons enjoyed. 

We are now all in bed ready for a good night's sleep in preparation for a battle in the morning! 

Tuesday Ufton Court

What an amazing final morning we had! We recreated the Battle of Reading, with half of us being Saxons and half of us being Vikings. Each team won and lost and even at the end we weren't 100% sure who had won the battle because of how the Saxons and Vikings continued to live. Below are a couple of photos from our fantastic morning. 

Wednesday Ufton Group 1 photos