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Elvetham Primary

Year 3

Year 3

 All classes at Elvetham Heath Primary School are named after famous authors. In Year 3 they are called Grahame (taught by Mrs Bryant-Jones), Morpurgo (taught by Miss Evans) and Ransome (taught by Miss Jefford).


Folk Dancing

We have been learning about folk dance from different countries in Europe. We studied a different country each week and practised dancing in pairs, alone and in small groups. In our final dance lesson, we choose our own groups and then choreographed and performed our own folk dances. 



Our Roman Day

Year 3 - Roman Day


Our Trip to Butser Farm

We went to Butser Farm. We were so excited to go as it had been a very long time since we had been on a school trip. We were really looking forward to riding on a coach altogether. We sang most of the way there! When we were there we visited houses of different ages, starting in the Stone Age travelling through the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age. We looked at how the building shape and set-up differed and talked about why this might be. We enjoyed our main activities which were: stone carving chalk with flint, completing an archaeological dig and building a fence. 

Year 3 - Trip to Buster Farm



Our Autumn Term in Year 3

Have a look at some of the great things we have been doing in Year 3!

Year 3- Our Autumn Term



Please view 'letters from school' for the Year 3 newsletters:

Long Term Plan

Please click the link below for the long term plan for Year 3. 

Long term plan