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Elvetham Primary

Year R

All classes at Elvetham Heath Primary School are named after famous authors. In Year R they are called Butterworth (taught by Mrs Chapman and Miss Robbins), Inkpen (taught by Miss James) and Ahlberg (taught by Mrs Burge) 

 Bocketts Farm

We had a great time at Bocketts Farm! We were able to hold and feed many different farm animals, went on a tractor ride and watched a pig race! 

Year R - Bocketts Farm


 Our Duckling Blog

Day 10

Today was our last day with the ducklings. We have had so much fun learning about them and drawing our own duckling lifecycles. We all gave them one last cuddle before they set off to their new home. We hope you have enjoyed seeing their journey too!


 Day 9

Today, the ducklings went for a swim in our classrooms! They loved being in the water and kept dipping their heads under. When they wanted to get out, they jumped over the side and did a very speedy run around the circle to dry off. It was quite funny to watch!


Day 8

Today the ducklings came to join us in our classrooms! We sat in a circle and then the ducklings ran around the middle. It was fascinating seeing them so close. We had a lot of fun gently stroking them. When they tried to nibble our fingers, it didn't hurt at all! At the end of the day they were all snuggled up together having a well deserved rest!


 Day 6 & 7

The ducklings had a great time at Mrs Whiteford's house this weekend! They even went for a swim in her bath. Mrs Whiteford discovered that the yellow ducklings are Pekin Ducks and the black and yellow ducklings are  Khaki Campbell Ducks.



Day 5

 All five of our ducklings have hatched, just in time for the weekend! We have two black and yellow ducklings and three yellow ducklings, they are all very cute! This weekend, they are going home with Mrs Whiteford. We can't wait to see what mischief they get up to! 


 Day 4

Overnight, our red egg hatched! There are now three fluffy ducklings running around the cage. We can see that the pink egg and the black egg are starting to crack so, hopefully, we will meet our last two ducklings tomorrow morning.



Day 3

Surprise! When we came into school this morning two of our fluffy ducklings had hatched. They have spend the day cheeping loudly and excitedly poking their heads out of the cage to say hello. They are now snuggled up under their heat lamp getting some rest. Hopefully, the other ducklings will hatch soon!


Day 2

When we came into school this morning, we noticed that the blue egg and green egg had started to crack! We used our virtue of patience and kept an eye on the eggs all day. In our afternoon discovery time, the duckling in the blue egg made an appearance! At the moment, it is resting with its head inside its shell. We can't wait to see what it looks like in the morning!


Day 1

Today was a very exciting day! Our duck eggs arrived and are now getting ready to hatch in their incubator. We spent lots of time working on our posters to make sure that other people know how to look after them. We also predicted which egg was going to hatch first! 



Pancake Day!

Year R had a great time decorating and eating pancakes on Pancake Day! We talked about the ingredients that we wanted to use for our toppings and waited our turn to decorate our own. Please take a look at our photos.

We had so much fun with pancakes that we even had pancake races in our house teams on Physical Friday! 

Year R - Pancake Day


Our first few weeks at school!

The first few weeks of school have been so much fun! We have been busy exploring our new environment and learning about our 5 school virtues; respect, responsibility, perserverance, honesty and kindness.


Year R- Starting School



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Long Term Plan

Please click the link below for the long term plan for EYFS.